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Reading point 2.1: Human Rights and Wrongs

Mark Sealy Interview: HUMAN RIGHTS HUMAN WRONGS from The Photographers’ Gallery on Vimeo.

The interview discusses the historical context of the Universal Human Rights act, post world war II and how photographs from the cold war era and beyond evidence the ineffectiveness of the declaration. The exhibition of photographs references documentary photography’s assumed responsibility for us understanding the world.

A BJP summary interview – – concludes with Sealy’s statement:

And this, he says, is anything but historical. Look around the world now, he says, and “vast swathes of people – refugees, the asylum seekers, economic migrants – have no rights at all. And that makes them ‘no ones’. How is this not a matter of extreme urgency?”

In the video interview, Sealy argues it is not just about the declaration itself but the way in which states act it out and intervene in it.

The full UN declaration is available here – Sealy picks out article 6 in particular:

Everyone has the right to recognition everywhere as a person before the law.

An explains how in the exhibition this was printed in gold on purple to signify its importance within the context of the exhibition and drawing the right to the attention of viewers when it is a right that is being continually violated.

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