The Self and The Other

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Note to assessors

Thank you for examining my work. This post signposts the navigation of this blog and what I have submitted as hardcopy material in the assessment pack.

I’ve recorded an overall evaluation of the course against my objectives at the outset and with a summary of the key learning points here. I am grateful for my tutor’s advice and support throughout this course and his exceptional responsiveness when arranging assignment feedback.

  • The blog menu structure follows the OCA standard course contents.
  • The top post under each assignment menu (labelled ‘for assessment’) is an overview to aid assessment, containing the images, information on physical work provided in the assessment pack, a brief artist’s statement and signposts to what I think could be useful context, and links to the initial submission to tutor and formative feedback received. The earlier posts contain everything else related to the assignment.
  • Summary of physical materials provided for assessment to accompany each assignment:
    • A1  – A4 prints
    • A2 – A4 prints
    • A3 – A4 prints, plus one A3 print showing layout of image and text
    • A4 – Print of essay
    • A5 – A4 example prints of portraits only. Note that full work is presented as e-book linked through this blog.