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A5: social and local engagement

I’m continuing to work on engaging with volunteer subjects for location based work through social media groups related to the area (Facebook lends itself well to this). I’m also starting to work with Twitter, but think that it is necessary to spend time making contacts through that platform to get any real traction on posts that easily get lost in a sea of tweets. My intention is to ask for volunteers while walking in the woods – so I expect about a 1 in 10 take up. I will make some flyers with info to hand out and also serve as model-release / notes of words that the volunteers associate with the woods.

I’ve recently joined a local artist network CravenArts but have yet to spend time to work out how to use the network – something for later this week as they also publicise upcoming events. For this project specifically, I’ve arranged discussion with the site manager of Skipton Castle Woods, who have said they are keen to work on this – they’ve already kindly shared my social media post. One helpful thing I will ask for is for a flyer to be put on their notice board at the entrance to the woods, to raise awareness that I’m working there and looking for volunteers.

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