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A5: Peer review

I put this version of the ebook up for peer review on OCA Discuss.

There were a number of helpful comments. The ones I used in making the next edit:

  • ‘Tend to view RHS page first – so look at small image’. While designing the ebook on a large screen, I simply hadn’t been thinking ‘book’. While it is not a book, the visual interaction works similarly so the layout should echo a book. This has prompted a redesign.
  • Font on quoted prose difficult to read. I’m looking for a different font to separate the quote from my own words. I don’t agree with the no mixing of fonts school of thought – fonts are mixed everywhere other than in formal business or academic papers. But I will experiment with different fonts.
  • Image with words overlay feels crammed in. I felt this too – as part of redoing layout, I’ll try placing it towards the end of the book

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