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A5: formative feedback


I submitted the draft e-book as a work in progress as I was keen to obtain feedback that might shape the direction of the ongoing work. The initial submission is here.

The feedback was audio-visual and attached is a pdf of formal notes from the session.

Agreed that the project has potential and the narrative provides an interesting perspective on people’s interaction with woodlands, but suggested that more work should be done on the portrait images to create a set where all images are up to a similar standard. Also that images where flash photography is more evident speak to the narrative better – popping subjects from the background adds to the sense of disconnect between man and the environment.

Summary of further work


  • Further research on photographers working with strangers and environmental portraits – see here.
  • Further research on using flash photography on the move – see here for off-camera flash on the move; and here for approach to lighting in woodlands.


I did two further shoots in the woods, but the weather has recently made it tricky both shooting and finding subjects in the outdoors. However, I made a number of images that I’m happy with and have included them in the updated e-book. Along with some additional woodland shots.

For the shooting, I took the flash off-camera by using radio triggers and wrapping the triggers and the flash in clear plastic bags to protect them from the rain. I intend to continue working with this approach for other work – bringing some extra light with me to places where light is often overcast and flat.


I took the previous draft of the e-book and adjusted the layout and replaced many of the images. This was done in Indesign, which I’m becoming much more familiar with and quicker at working it.

The previously monochrome images of the woods were replaced with muted colour images and several of the previous portraits were replaced with ones from the later shoot. The cover image (previously more of a place holder, using my flier for the project) was also replaced.

The updated version is here.

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