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A5: contacts and presentation


My shoots included scenes and artefacts from the woods as well as portraits taken in the woods. Include only the contacts for the portraits, which are the main subject for the assignment (apart from the ones selected in error!). These are unprocessed RAW files.

At the time of the shoot it was around zero degrees and the subjects were volunteers approached randomly – I didn’t keep them any longer than a minimum of time under these circumstances.


As this work is not fully realised and will continue beyond this OCA course, I thought about how best to present it as a work in progress. Ultimately, I intent to print a book of the work that includes some words as contexts (draft words discussed here). However, a way of presenting the work so far to give an impression of a book format, without the cost, is an ebook. I researched options for compile an ebook here. I’m not a fan of the pdf format for online presentation as it doesn’t resize for difference screen aspects and allow anyone to download the work. The simplest way to proceed was to use Adobe’s own online publishing service that is bundled with the software – it allows embedding elsewhere on the web and control over whether or not the work can be downloaded as a pdf.

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