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A5: brief and initial thoughts / notes for tutor call


  • Develop a project around the theme of Self or Other
  • Chance to find and articulate your personal voice in relation to the context defined throughout this course – realised through iterative process of experimentation, reflection, analysis, editing and research.
  • Following tutor feedback, you should rework your project
  • Assignment five is a project in progress. It is not expected to be fully resolved, visually coherent or a clearly contextualised submission.

Thoughts on aims

  • Use as basis to being shaping methodology for body of work – pre-working title ‘Gongoozling by the Leeds and Liverpool’
  • Revisit environmental portraits and consistency of images with varying backdrops
  • Use place and objects as things shaped by identity and promoting identity
  • Consider themes within themes and how to avoid a visual soup.
  • Procuring other people’s images / historical images to integrate with own?
  • Social (media) engagement – existing groups / created groups / interested bodies.
  • Accessibility and engagement
  • Notion of digital-scrapbook as working document (perhaps printed in Blurb trade book.
  • Something that I might choose to fully complete beyond the course.
Subject area

I walk because … 

Location –  the historic Skipton Woods, shaped by man over centuries and sitting in the shadow of the castle. In recent years acquired by the Woodland Trust.

Subjects – casual and serious walkers of all generations, who visit the wood to walk, talk and sit. objects left and found in the woods. places in the woods.

Concept – my-self and the others are drawn to the same place to walk and enjoy the woodland. Is there something shared in identities that draws us in? Are we recruited by something in the identity of the place that draws us in.

Discussion with tutor

Notes from brief discussion during assignment 3 tutorial:

  • On trying out working processes / new media etc – okay to try out, but should be backgrounded to the work itself. Assignment is   visual culmination of work for this course.
  • Subject area is interesting – worth exploring historical context too and relationship with identity.

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