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A2: edit for peer feedback


This edit is linked to OCA Discuss for feedback. Also used for discussion during Forum Live.

The assignment requires a series of photographs that reflect a social issue. I don’t provide much specific context here, as it is more interesting for me to hear about how others read the images, rather than measure them against my intention. What I will mention are my general ideas:

  • Images of smaller things and structures can reflect broader social structures and issues.
  • Words are also signs that can have different meanings depending on the context they are in and the mind that reads them.
  • What appears to be a documentary image is at risk of being read only literally.
  • Do people in general need to be prompted to reflect on ambiguity in visual and text signs? Should work include accompanying text to invite this way of looking?

Thanks for looking!

Feedback summary

Generally positive response to the images, including a pleasing comment that they are up a level in sophistication from my earlier OCA work and that they give up their story gradually.

One suggestion was showing more shadow detail, but I prefer to loose some details in the shadows so that the eye is drawn more to the information I want to convey in the images.

Some discussion on whether to include any text to encourage people to view the images metaphorically as well as literally. But general consensus is that it is better to let the images be read how they will and take the risk that some readers might miss the metaphors.


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